Girl has Secretly been Talking to Stranger Online but didnt Expect to Shows up at her Door

16-year-old Maiya James family struggle so much: her severely disabled sister, Mariah, needs 24-hour care, and her mom struggles every day trying to make ends meet and getting her to her doctor appointments. She does what she can to keep the family afloat.
So when their van broke down, Maiya’s mother lost her only way to transport Maiya’s sister, and she couldn’t pay for car repairs.
Desperate, the teen started scouring the internet for ways she could get help. She found a local car dealership she thought would at least hear her out, and sent its owner an email, telling the story of her family.
The team at Dani’s Auto, the dealership she reached out to, was stunned by the email with the teen’s story, and Joe and Dani Levi decided that they could help this family in need.
They showed up to the James household, taking Maiya’s mother totally by surprise. Maiya thought that they were there to fix the car, but she was soon proved wrong.
In fact, the team had come not to fix the car, but to give them another van! At the sight, the grateful mother broke down in tears, moved by the generosity of total strangers.

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